Edinburgh Napier lands US recognition for sales courses

University named as one of top sales education providers 

Edinburgh Napier University’s received international recognition from the US-based Sales Education Foundation (SEF) for its teaching in sales.
It has been named as one of the ‘Top Universities for Professional Sales Education’ in the organisation’s 2017 ANNUAL magazine, whose 10th edition will be published by the end of April.
The SEF recognises universities which prepare students for successful careers in professional selling and help to raise the status of the sales profession.
Edinburgh Napier, which is home to Scotland’s first university sales division, offers two degree programmes with a sales element and an advisory group drawn from industry helps develop the teaching agenda at its Craiglockhart-based Business School.
It’s one of only two European universities to have joined the illustrious ranks of associate membership of the University Sales Centre Alliance.
Sales sits in the newly formed Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship Group within the Business School.  April 27 will see the launch of the Centre for Sales and Business Development, which enjoys support from stakeholders across education and industry.
Edinburgh Napier has also joined forces with universities in Finland, Austria and Germany to research the coaching of sales professionals, and next month the university will host the 3rd European Sales Competition, aimed at filling the gap in sales education among students.
Dr Tony Douglas, Associate Professor of Strategy & Sales at Edinburgh Napier, said: “It is great news that our Business School has been formally recognised for the strides it has taken to introduce and develop professional selling and sales into the curriculum.
“We now have a range of on campus, online and international programmes and modules that address the challenges businesses have in their day to day sales as well as their future strategic direction in sales.
“Edinburgh Napier has recognised that embedding, understanding and applying sales skills and competencies in its undergraduate and postgraduate students will help equip them for not just jobs but careers in professional selling.”
Sally Stevens, Executive Director of the Sales Education Foundation, said that candidates from university sales programmes were prepared “to compete in the ever-changing global economy.”
The SEF – which aims to ‘elevate the sales profession through university education’ –   provides education materials to university sales programmes and their students, and promotes these programmes through its magazine listings.
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