Are you familiar with new ‘terror guidelines’ set out by Westminster?

How employers should prepare for, recognise and respond to a terrorist attack

Westminster recently announced new guidelines which include how employers should prepare for, recognise and respond to a terrorist attack.
They were published two days before the shocking events of the Westminster terror attack, which serves as a stark reminder of why we must all be prepared for the worst.
Let’s take a look at what is included.
The new guidelines are comprehensive, covering a range of threats through 14 different sections. These include:
  • Weapons and firearms attacks where details of the “Run, hide and tell” tactics are provided.
  • How to deal with suspicious items, the threat of attack through incoming mail and bomb threats. For suspicious items, the four C’s are recommended – Confirm (it’s suspicious), Clear (the immediate area), Communicate (call 999) and Control (access to the cordoned area).
  • The danger of suicide bombers, vehicle bombs and other vehicle-based attacks. Notably, the National Police Chief Council has approved wider use of roof markings on HGVs to assist airborne police units when tracking stolen lorries.
  • Chemical, biological and radioactive threats.
  • How to protect against insider threats and cyber-attacks.
The guide, available on the government website, is intended for use by the public as well as organisations. For employers, considering and acting upon the advice could form an essential part of their duty of care towards employees.
Often an HR department will be one of the key parts of an organisation responsible for delivering recommendations. If you would like help implementing anti-terrorism measures, particularly if you are in a sensitive industry, for instance a haulier, then get in touch with your local HR Dept

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