Bedtime means tech time, finds new research

Average Briton spends 57 minutes on tech in bed before sleeping

The average British adult spends an average of 57 minutes on their gadgets in bed before going to sleep, according to new research.
A third (32%) of Britons fall trap to watching television in bed, revealed research of 1,012 UK adults carried out by gadgets and technology e-tailer,
The device most commonly used by Brits in bed was unsurprisingly smartphones, with 68% using them from the comfort of their duvet.
One in 5 (19%) use their tablet before sleeping, 14% admitted to listening to music in bed, while 8% confessed to playing on games consoles.
Mark Kelly, Marketing Manager at, said: “It is interesting to see just how many Brits will postpone sleep to play on their devices in bed. Gadgets are great and can be really fun but using them right before sleep can be a little disruptive to sleep quality.
Those aged 18-24 were most likely to use tech in bed, racking up an average of 71 minutes in front of the screen.
More than half (56%) have a morning alarm set on their smartphone, while 22% use some form of technology or app to monitor their sleep.
Kelly added: “Technology such as smartphone apps and fitness bands can also be used to measure the quality of sleep and help us nod off when we struggle to sleep. The advancements in technology and its increased accessibility mean that we are able to get a better insight into our sleeping habits once we have closed our eyes.” is thought to be the UK’s largest online laptop specialist, selling new and refurbished laptops from leading brands, as well as other lifestyle gadgets.

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