Legal partner to head up sludge talks at All Energy

John Grady to discuss the alchemy required to squeeze energy from waste water

Sludge – and the ways in which the waste water industry manages it – has long been of particular interest to innovators in the sector who want to realise the full potential of turning it into energy.
That’s why John Grady, a partner at law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn, is set to explore some of the market and regulatory conditions required to achieve this when he speaks at All-Energy in Glasgow next week.
Grady will chair the Energy from Waste’ session on 11 May and also deliver his own presentation ‘Waste water and energy in the UK – the next big bang?’ He will look at issues relating to the scope for new contracting arrangements and key risk and compliance issues.
He said:  “There is no doubt that reforms will lead to further innovation.  There are of course regulatory and structural challenges.  However as the water industry moves from a vertically integrated world, the challenge to such collaboration will not only be of a technical and regulatory nature, it will also be a cultural one.”
The UK water industry is poised for change. Last month, retail competition for businesses was launched and now Ofwat are focusing on introducing greater competition and efficiency.  And, in a world of increased competition where the value chain is being reconfigured, Ofwat and the water companies are now directing their gaze towards the further opportunities in the sector.
Shepherd and Wedderburn has a long track record in advising on a wide range of regulatory issues and major water projects, both in the UK and internationally.  The firm has had a prominent role in advising on the opening up of the English water non-household retail market to competition.
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