Compliant mobile phone recycling launches for business

“Clearing data securely from business mobiles can take hours”

A new mobile phone recycling service for businesses has launched in the UK.
Compare and Recycle, a mobile phone recycling comparison site, says it has introduced a service which helps businesses overcome the barriers they face when deciding to recycle their old mobile phones.
It says its new offering uses trusted ISO-14001-certified recyclers which are compliant with UK and EU legislation, as well as the WEEE directive, to responsibly recycle old electronics.
According to Compare and Recycle, mobile phones can become a high-risk item due to the potential for holding a lot of sensitive company data. As a result, companies are much more likely to keep hold of out of commission mobiles, in storage as a sunk cost.
It’s therefore urging companies to take a fresh look at their internal practice regarding fleet mobile phones. With stricter government regulations and corporate environmental commitments, Compare and Recycle says the new ‘business mobile’ recycling section on its website has simplified the process for safe and responsible disposal.
It claims clearing the data securely from a mobile phone can take hours – adding up significantly if an organisation is upgrading yearly and has hundreds of mobile phones in the office store rooms.
But Compare and Recycle says it has set up an easy-to-use submission page which gives business customers all the tools they need to quickly submit their stock of old mobile phones.
The new service takes customers through a range of questions to ascertain the condition, functionality and specification of a mobile phone, beyond the standard ‘new, working or broken’ status. This allows customers to be directed to a recycling company which best suits the state of their phone, meaning that it will be put to its best use once recycled.
Businesses will also receive a cash payment for sending in their mobile phones.
Compare and Recycle Managing Director Matthew Moreton said: “We strive to make the process easier for businesses to responsibly recycle old mobile phones and tech. Our tool will save hours of time, make money for the business and make steps to ensure environmental sustainability.”
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