New research reveals different types of train traveller

Just 43% of UK adults consider themselves calm and collected travellers – what type are you?

As Heathrow Express approaches the milestone of its 100 Millionth Passenger, the airport rail link has commissioned new research which reveals common UK passenger stereotypes.
It has been found that just over two in five (43%) of UK adults consider themselves as calm and collected travellers; those who take their journey in stride and travel to relax and escape from everyday life.
The research commissioned by Heathrow Express explores the archetypes of train travellers in the UK – where people spend an average of 107 days a year travelling by train. When asked their traveller archetype many considered themselves curious travellers who like to take in their surroundings and watch others (26%); they want to understand the world on a deeper level and learn more about other cultures.
Of the 1,000 UK adults surveyed, findings revealed that 35% of travellers think their personalities become relaxed rather than stressed (12%) on their commutes. Men are most likely to consider themselves as cool, calm and relaxed travellers (51% vs. 36% of women).
To celebrate Heathrow Express’ 100 Millionth milestone, it’s collaborating with renowned travel blogger and photographer Dave Burt from @London to create HExibition, a pop-up photography exhibition which explores the diverse and passionate travellers across the UK.
Visit HExibition at Paddington station for one week only from Wednesday, 28 June to Tuesday, 4 July.
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