Survey reveals annoying employee habits bosses in Scotland can’t stand

Bosses reveal how cynacism and pessamism in the workplace are much worse than bad manners, poor hygiene and being disorganised

UK online printer instantprint has carried out research in which 500 senior UK operatives were surveyed on things employees do that frustrates them as well as what impresses them.
Having a positive attitude to work was regarded as the best trait an employee can have, with 58% of employers saying it would make their lives easier. Being a cynical or pessimistic presence in the office was regarded a worse trait than bad manners, poor hygiene and being disorganised!
Some statistics that may prove shocking include that only 2% of SME owners said dressing appropriately would get you on their good side, and only 7% said working overtime would help you excel at work.
The survey also asked SME owners to look in the mirror. 90% of respondents think they are generally popular in the workplace and 83% of respondents think they are not a source of irritation to their employees!
Male managers also came out as more confident in the workplace than their female counterparts. 45% of men said they described their mood as confident compared to just 37% of women.
The survey also looked at variations in age. 37% of entrepreneurs aged 35-44 said working longer hours was the worst thing about being in a position of responsibility, compared to NO entrepreneurs aged 18-24, whose least favourite aspect of entrepreneurship was managing money.
Co-founder of instantprint, James Kinsella, said: ‘‘Having a great team is one of the most important business success factors and what’s more, they are the people you have to spend most of your life with.
“For most SME owners and managers, their business is a huge part of their life, so perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that attitude comes above everything else. When everyone is under pressure, positivity will always be appreciated, if not needed by managers.’’
Top five annoying employee habits in Scotland: 
  • Having a negative attitude.
  • Being disorganised.
  • Spending too much time on social.
  • Refusing to work in a team.
  • Spending too much time on your phone.
Having a positive attitude is the best way to get on the boss’ good side in Scotland, according to the poll.
Bosses in Scotland prefer their favourite employee as they’re hardworking, while 63% dislike their least favourite employee as they’re disruptive in the office.
44% of bosses in Scotland have fired employees purely down to their behaviour.
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