“We have heard your views loud and clear” – CEO on Airspace Change

Local communities win bid to help shape airspace redesign 

Views of local communities and groups are set to help shape Edinburgh Airport’s proposals for airspace redesign following an extensive engagement programme.
A report on the second consultation on Airspace Change Programme has recently been published along with the opinions of those who responded on a number of flight path options.
Nearly 4,000 responses were received following 23 community drop in and town hall sessions with more than 1,000 attendees.
The report details who responded, where they were, and what they said, and will now help to shape Edinburgh Airport’s flight change proposals and recommendations to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) later this summer.
Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport Gordon Dewar said: “A change in Edinburgh’s airspace is much needed in order to follow the current modernisation of all airspace across the UK, as well as building capacity to meet current and future demand.
“But it must be balanced and managed in a way that benefits Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole and minimises the impact on local communities. That’s why the rich and informed conversations we’ve had have been so important – to inform, debate and scrutinise.
“We acknowledge that some mistakes have been made and they have been embarrassing for us, but we have learned from and rectified them. However, we are confident that they did not impair the overall completeness of the consultation; we have been open in identifying them and tenacious in our attempts to fix them.
“We have actively listened and had those discussions – full-blooded at times – to gain a greater understanding of the public’s view on these proposals, which was the key aim from this second consultation. We now have these views and will carefully consider them as we shape our final proposals to the CAA later this summer.
“I want to personally thank everyone who has engaged with and taken an interest in our Airspace Change Programme – it has enriched our understanding of your concerns and opinions about the options we set out, and I assure you that we have listened to you and your views loud and clear.”
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