Why ignoring investment in IT is dangerous for your business

It pays to be frugal, but doing nothing and not investing has a cost too

It is hard to believe, but some studies claim that up to 50% of companies have not invested in IT at all for the last two years. It’s estimated that around 30% of organisations are waiting for the economy to pick up before they improve their IT infrastructure.
While efforts to control costs make total sense for many businesses, not investing anything in IT is usually a false economy.
There are two major problems when it comes to burying your head in the sand and avoiding any IT investments:
1 – reliability. It’s like expecting your car to work without flaws even though you’ve not had it serviced for years. Remember, IT is a crucial part of your business, and you need to treat it as such.
2 – downtime. It’s a hidden cost many businesses don’t take into account.
David Shuster, Managed IT Experts
If your IT systems are slow and crash on a regular basis, it’s not rocket science to work out how much it costs your business in lost productivity, lost opportunities and lost profits.
If you’ve not given any thought to your company’s IT for some time, it can be hard to know where to start. But your first port of call should be your current IT support provider.
Be honest with them and explain your situation, talk about any budgetary constraints, and listen to what they have to say.
If they can’t come up with a flexible and cost-efficient solution for you, then you probably need to review your current IT support arrangements.
Finding a bargain
When it comes to refreshing your IT infrastructure, don’t be afraid to shop around. The difference in prices between suppliers can be substantial, and you don’t want to pay more than you have to.
Here are some tips to help you:
  • Check the major IT re-sellers, including DabseBuyer and PC World Business. 
  • You can go directly to manufacturers too – Dell, Lenovo and HP all sell direct from their websites.
  • Look for the end of line models, and you can usually get more for your money by choosing a slightly older model.
  • Check out the open box and ex-display bargains. Some online merchants sell stock that has been returned and most of the time it is good as new. Try Amazon Warehouse Deals, eBuyer’s outlet or the Dabs clearance corner and save money.
There’s no excuse to delay your IT infrastructure investment as there are plenty of cost effective options. Also, it can be implemented gradually rather than waiting till your IT collapses completely.
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