Edesix partners with Traka to protect body cameras in prisons

Partnership to help prison staff focus on their duties safely and securely and allow the benefits of body cameras to be fully utilised

Edinburgh-based Edesix, the principal has joined forces with Traka UK, an industry leader in intelligent key cabinets and locker systems, to make sure equipment used across the UK prison service is safely stored and efficiently managed.
The partnership follows Edesix’s contract win as preferred supplier to all UK prisons.
Traka designed a bespoke locker system specifically for Edesix, which not only ensures body cameras are safely secured, but also that all equipment is charged and ready to use whilst in storage. The locker system has capability to download all footage as and when required and share it with Edesix’s video management system.
The unique locker system also presents restricted access, by authorised personnel only.
Andy Burke, Business Development Manager of Edesix, said: “Our organisations collaborated well to produce a body worn camera storage system which met the needs of Her Majesty’s Prison Service by utilising pre-existing technology.
“The result is optimised camera asset management and process automation. Edesix and Traka can now offer an all-encompassing solution to the UK prison service that is secure and simple to use, requires minimal staff intervention and which is targeted at the officer experience, making it efficient and effective to add body worn cameras to their existing asset management process.”
Tom Smith, Market Development Manager of Traka, added: “Body worn video, as offered by Edesix, undoubtedly saves lives, protects property and speeds up the resolution time of investigations; however, as a stand-alone system, Edesix’s solution had not been integrated into already available asset management systems within the UK prison service.
“The bespoke Traka solution instantly eliminates the issues around camera whereabouts, and integrates body worn systems into the known process for issuing sundries. This, in turn, allows prison staff to focus on their duties safely and securely, allowing the benefits of body cameras to be fully utilised.”
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