World Extreme Medicine Conference

The conference’s mission is to break down barriers, build bridges and make connections within the extreme medicine community

The World Extreme Medicine Conference is set to be held at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth from Saturday, November 25 to Monday, November 27 2017 following the success of the 2016 Edinburgh conference.
Mark Hannaford, Founder of conference organiser World Extreme Medicine, said: “Edinburgh has a rich history as a centre of innovation and development of modern medicine reaching back for hundreds of years, and that’s one reason that it makes a perfect venue for the World Extreme Medicine Conference.
“Areas of medicine that we will be covering – extreme, expedition and wilderness medicine, disaster and humanitarian medicine and pre-hospital medicine – are rapidly growing and changing, so the spirit of innovation that permeates Edinburgh’s medical scene is appropriate to our aims.
“We aim to bring together professionals working in a broad range of specialisms, in the knowledge that the breaking down of siloes between different areas of medicine and science can bring huge benefits to outcomes for patients.”
World Extreme Medicine is set to provide medical support to Scottish endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont as he attempts to cycle around the planet in 80 days. He will then speak at the conference following his trip and talk through the challenges of cycling 240 miles a day.
Beaumont’s Performance Manager, Laura Penhaul, who is an expert in spinal chord injuries will also speak at the event. will also be speaking at the event. A British Paralympic physiotherapist who specialises in sports injuries – tending to the ripped muscles of Ironman athletes and ultra-marathon runners – she is an expert on spinal cord injuries.
Penhaul, who is a British Paralympic physiotherapist specialising in sports injuries, led the all-female ‘Coxless Crew’ in a record-breaking row across the Pacific Ocean on a 257-day journey from the US to Australia – rowing 24 hours a day in two-hour shifts.
David Weil, Conference Co-Founder, said: “Extreme medicine is an area that’s in real growth, and our message to medical professionals is that a traditional clinical career is not the only option any more. Extreme medicine can offer practitioners in all areas of medicine a portfolio career which opens up a huge number of options for work and adventure.
“Women play a very significant role in the world of extreme medicine and we’re proud to have a strong contingent of female speakers. We can all learn something from their inspiring stories and journeys.”
Each of the three days of the World Extreme Medicine Conference will cover a different area of extreme medicine, which is typically described as being medicine practiced outside of a traditional hospital environment.
Day 1: Disaster and Humanitarian Medicine
Day 2: Extreme, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
Day 3: Pre-Hospital Medicine
Find out more on the World Extreme Medicine website.
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