Little Beehive Nursery Group sets its sights on Living Wage status by 2019

Nursery group pledges 25% pay rise for qualified staff across Fife and Angus as it pursues Living Wage Employer accreditation

The Little Beehive Nursery Group, which operates five nurseries across Fife and Angus, has set its sights on becoming the largest Living Wage employer of its kind.
It has drawn up a plan to increase pay above inflation for the next three years – giving its qualified staff a 25% pay rise.
Little Beehove Nursery in Kirkcaldy receiving a Nursery of the Year Award earlier this year
Director Carol Craig said: “The average salary of a Scottish Nursery Practitioner in 2017 is £13,814. It is hoped that by 2019 staff at Little Beehive Nursery will have an entry level salary of £18,761. This will be for all fully qualified staff regardless of age.”
Head office Finance Administrator Matt Martin, who has been carrying out detailed research into the subject for the past six months, said: “Staffing is our biggest cost and yet our most important resource here at Little Beehive Nursery.  Of every pound our customers spend with us, over half goes to our staff covering training and other costs as well as the actual salaries. We have steadily been increasing both our salaries and our fees over the past three years as the business has grown. We opened a new nursery in Strathkinness two years ago which has also helped.
“We must continue with this strategically, whilst looking at our costs and competition. If we get it right it will greatly benefit our employees no end, enabling us to retain outstanding staff and also bring in the highest quality employees we can find. We are committing to invest in them for the future so all qualified practitioners can earn a sustainable living wage for their future too.
“We have work to do on the plan but we are all getting our heads down to look at ways we can make this a reality sooner rather than later. It is an exciting challenge and one where we can certainly make a huge difference to the longevity of this business.”
Little Beehive Nursery is an independently-owned nursery group with sites in Cupar, Strathkinness, Montrose, Kirkcaldy and Newport.
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