Brightwater launches marketing campaign to tap into Scots SMEs

Water retailer launches multi-channel marketing campaign to target ‘white-collared professionals’

Musselburgh-based water services provider Brightwater has launched a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities available within a deregulated water market among SMEs.
The firm, which says it has secured contracts worth more than £1.6 million a year and 1,100 customers in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing and professional services sectors after just 15 months of operation, rolled out its new campaign this morning (Wednesday, 30 August) to include email marketing, a series of print and digital ads in The Herald and Scotsman, and a four-week ‘digital takeover’ of Business Insider’s website during September.
Managing Director Rich Rankin said: “The recent deregulation of the water market in England has highlighted the costs of vital utilities. The water market in Scotland was deregulated almost a decade ago and there are still savings to be made for companies, in fact a surprising number of SME businesses are still unaware that they can choose to change to a different water provider in the same way they would switch electricity suppliers.
“As a recent start-up business ourselves we really understand the pressures SMEs are under and we want to get the message out there that switching to Brightwater means not just a competitive price but also great, responsive customer service.  We genuinely care about our customers.
“There is a lot of data inaccuracy in the market, so we help SMEs to review their historical services to make sure the data is correct and we advise them how to remedy things if there are serious errors. We often identify opportunities where we can change the charging structure for a company and reduce their water bills.  At Brightwater, our focus is on helping customers use less water and save money.
“We want our marketing campaign to drive awareness of the opportunities available in a deregulated market so SMEs can take advantage of competitive pricing and enjoy the benefits of switching to a company such as Brightwater which places so much emphasis on customer service. There is a general perception within utilities of poor service – we want to challenge this by positioning Brightwater as the water utility company that cares about its customers.”
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