Campaign launched to celebrate 150 years of surveying

RICS launches national campaign to unearth surveying legends past and present

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) has launched a campaign to celebrate and commemorate the outstanding contributions the surveying profession has made to shaping Scotland’s built and natural environment over the past 150 years.
The campaign – known as Pride in The Profession: Celebrating 150 years of surveying successes – is calling on the wider surveying profession to embrace this look back into its history by nominating local surveyors and surveying achievements in Scotland, both past and present and coincides with RICS’  150th anniversary in 2018.

According to RICS, surveyors design, value and protect all the physical assets across the region – from historic stately homes and castles to our leisure and tourism and attractions – such as beautiful parks, forests and grand hotels – along with schools, sports stadiums and even our road infrastructure.

Sean Tompkins, RICS CEO, said: “Scotland’s chartered surveyors have made significant contributions to shaping the country’s built and natural environment and how it is lived, worked and played in over the last 150 years.
“The profession has helped society advance in a world that has seen huge new technological capability, rapid population growth and social shifts and has helped shape and deliver the cities in Scotland that reflect the needs of modern society. The contribution of the profession cannot be understated.
“We want our profession to join us in revealing the impact it has had on their region and wider society, and to recommend surveyors who have made a real contribution that can be celebrated throughout our 150th year. We want to capture these stories and incredible moments and use them to inspire the next generation of professionals who will eventually be handed the baton to shape Scotland.”

For more information on the RICS 150 campaign, including how to nominate a local surveyor/surveying achievements, click here

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