Why your business needs a team morale boost right now

How to keep staff motivated and avoid the long wind down to Christmas

Unless your business has a good motivational incentive scheme in place, the months leading up to Christmas can be a time when work tends to get done slower and the atmosphere tends to swing more towards having fun than being as productive as can be.
Although there are still three months left in the year, this period can typically become a very long ‘wind down to Christmas’. This obviously isn’t good for business and it isn’t good for team morale either.
So what can be done to counteract this slump? There are loads of different ways you can approach this. Team building activities can rejuvenate your team, giving them a spring in their step and that little bit more motivation to get things done – because not only can demotivation cause lower levels of production, it also leads to higher levels of absenteeism and makes people more likely to look for another job. You need to keep your people happy if you want your business to do well.
Here are some ideas to boost the morale within your team:
Monday morning motivation – When people come back to work after the weekend, they often like to have a chat about what they did over the weekend. You may hear them telling different people the same story throughout the day. Now if you have a team meeting at the beginning of the Monday, to let people have that quick update there is less chance of them relaying the same updates over and over throughout the day.
Aside from cutting down on the meaningless waffle, a Monday morning gathering can be a way to get people focused on work straight away. Once the chit-chat is out of the way, go around the table of what work everybody has on this week and prioritise accordingly. Ask if there are any problems they need help with and set deadlines for each task.
Use motivational and encouraging language to inspire your team into getting cracking with their workload. You could even find a great TED talk to share with them to do the motivational talk for you.
Team building activities – A team that plays together, stays together. It is important for colleagues to spend time away from work tasks to get to know each other and to bond. There are loads of different team building activities across Scotland for you to try and now is the perfect time of year for it.
From outdoor sports to city-based treasure hunts, combining problem-solving with teamwork is the perfect solution. Or how about bringing the fun to the office? Maybe you could try Fun Casino Hire Scotland for something a little more out there, or go for an indoor games theme with indoor sports like Batak Pro, bowling and table tennis. There are loads of different types of equipment that you can hire.
Introduce a recognition scheme – Even if you have the smallest of budgets, setting up a simple recognition scheme can help make your team feel more valued. Even if it just involves sending thank you emails or cards, sometimes a small show of appreciation goes a long way. Recognition schemes that are led and voted for by peers are a good way to get colleagues to work together better.
Have a monthly award winner with small prizes like a voucher or a bottle of wine, chocolates etc. It might not seem like much to you but to someone else it could mean the world.
Listen to your team – Another good pointer is to keep up with one-to-one meetings with each member of your team. The best way to find out if someone is feeling a bit demotivated is to talk to them and more importantly listen to them. Sometimes just having the chance to vent a little frustration can help them to clear their head and get back into their usual productive routine.
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