How fintech is impacting the rise of mobile trading

Fintech is revolutionising mobile trading and improving user experience for traders all over the world 

Online trading has become a major force in the world of investing, and many now try to make a living using various platforms to trade global markets such as forex.
One of the latest developments in relation to this is mobile trading, which has seen the world of online trading brought into the realm of mobile devices. As a result, it is now possible to manage an investment portfolio almost anywhere, and fintech developments are only serving to further revolutionise this concept. Here’s some further information…
Mobile friendliness
One of the major obstacles which mobile trading needed to overcome was mobile friendliness, which involved making an online broker’s site/platform compatible with mobile devices. Through adapting the features of their service for mobile, online brokerages have enabled millions of people to have better access to their investment portfolio.
Fintech developments in the field of mobile friendliness have facilitated the creation of user friendly applications which give traders almost all the features they could ever need for trading, including tools for fundamental and technical analysis.
Trading platforms
Trading platforms such as metatrader4 have proved to be an immense development in online trading, and have helped investors to access the markets they want with ease. Although every trading platform differs slightly, they are all the same in their purpose.
Fintech has, in many cases, allowed trading platforms normally accessed through a desktop browser to be used on a mobile device. It has also led to the development of new trading apps solely for mobile, which are new trading platforms which break away from the traditional online brokerage model.
Despite fintech revolutionising the way people trade and how they access global markets, it has not yet managed to solve the inadequacies when it comes to trading on a mobile device. After all, most serious traders require multiple screens, charts and graphs to be open simultaneously in order to track market movements and make investments effectively.
A constant internet connection is also needed, and since mobiles are portable they can often lose connection in some areas, making it impossible/riskier to trade.
Ultimately, though, fintech has seen online trading make serious advances into the world of mobile devices. It now remains to be seen how the remaining challenges are dealt with, but fintech will undoubtedly continue to revolutionise mobile trading and improve user experience for traders across the world.
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