More than 56,000 Monarch customers now back in the UK

Civil Aviation Authority’s flying programme rescues a further 11,155 stranded passengers following Monarch’s collapse

More than 56,000 Monarch customers are now back in the UK thanks to the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) flying programme which was launched on Monday (2 October) following the group’s collapse.
The CAA’s flying programme completed 59 flights in its fifth day of operation on Friday, returning 11,155 people to the UK.  
  • CAA launched flying programme on Monday to bring 110,000 people back to the UK in response to Monarch Airlines administration
  • DAY ONE to FOUR total: 238 flights operated, brought back to the UK 45,152 customers 
  • DAY FIVE: 59 flights operated, brought back to the UK 11,155 more customers
  • DAY SIX: 54 flights planned, bringing back to the UK more than 11,191 customers 
  • Over half of passengers have now been brought home
  • Flying programme continues until Sunday 15 October 
With nine days remaining and approximately 50,000 passengers still to bring back to the UK, the CAA is working around the clock, in conjunction with the Government, to deliver the replacement flying programme following the administration of Monarch Airlines.
On Saturday, 7 October, day six of the flying programme, the CAA plans to operate 54 flights, bringing over 11,000 people back to the UK.
Flying programme analysis
Day five – Friday 6 Oct 
To date
Flights completed
Passengers back in the UK
Number of aircraft in fleet
Number of calls to the call centre
Number of international airports flown to/from
Richard Moriarty, CAA Group Director of Consumers and Markets, said: “Today is the 6th day of our 14 day flying programme and we have scheduled 54 flights to bring home an additional 11,191 people.  This will bring the total number of people we have brought home to 67,558, which is over 60% of the total number of 110,000 people when Monarch went into administration on 2 October.
“We have brought back the vast majority of people on their scheduled date of departure for the UK.  But I must continue to ask those abroad to bear with us.  Like for any airline our schedules can be subject to delays caused by bad weather, air traffic restrictions and other events outside of our control.”
The CAA will be providing regular updates as its flying programme develops.
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