Mental Health Awareness Day: 4 useful resources for your business

Sarah Musgrove of Opus Energy and contributor to Brighter Business offers some tips on Mental Health Awareness Day 

According to research carried out by mental health charity, Mind, at least one in six workers experiences common mental health problems including anxiety and depression. But despite being alarmingly commonplace, it remains a complex subject prone to stigma and taboo.
Lack of support and training, inadequate resources and general workplace stress can all contribute to the worsening of employee mental health, and will ultimately have an impact on the overall success of your business. As it’s World Mental Health day today, Brighter Business has compiled a list of useful online resources to help you take the first steps on the road to mental health at work.
  1. Mental Health Factsheet by the CIPD
This is a comprehensive guide in an easy to digest one page format. It covers everything from defining mental health, the steps you can take to support your employees’ mental health at work, some legal information and related further reading. You do have to sign up to the CIPD website to access the content, but it’s free and only takes a couple of minutes.
  1. Free training and tools by Workplace Strategies for Mental Health
If you’re after a one-stop mental health awareness toolkit, look no further. Everything on this page centres around a strategy called ‘Working through it’ which provides an outline for you to have an awareness session with your employees. The website has advice on how to bring up this sensitive topic, case studies, and free weekly emails that you can sign up for and forward to your staff.
  1. A guide for employers to promote mental health by ENWHP
This PDF is a long read, but if you’re trying to make a case to improve mental health resources and training in your business, the information in it could prove very valuable. It stresses on the importance of mental health to ensuring a successful business, and is backed up by a number of well-researched facts and figures. It also contains useful links and result-based examples of other companies that have benefitted from improving mental health provisions in their workplace.
  1. Activities for your workplace by Time to Change
Time to Change is a charity dedicated to ending mental health discrimination, and while their larger website is certainly worth a browse, this section focuses on activities designed to challenge misconceptions and provoke discussion. It has a comprehensive list of activities that you can do individually, in pairs or a group, and they’re all in a PDF format so you can easily download and print them out.

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