PAs, planners, bookers – if you love Skyscanner, you’ll love this

Newly-launched VenueScanner helps streamline the venue finding process for PAs, party planners and event bookers

If you’re a fan of Skyscanner then you’re bound to love VenueScanner – a new shared marketplace for venues and events that’s been launched in Edinburgh by university graduate Rebecca Kelly.
The VenueScanner website has been designed to make finding and booking Edinburgh venues quick, simple and affordable – featuring more than 500 local places for hire, from village halls and pubs to hotels, museums and castles. And it’s soon set to branch out elsewhere. Co-founder Kelly, who studied at the University of Edinburgh, recently announced £800k of investment which will help to fund VenueScanner’s expansion into new cities.
Rebecca Kelly
According to Kelly, VenueScanner prides itself on uncovering hidden and lesser-known venues, of which there are a wide variety in and around Scotland, each with their own unique story. One such venue, for example, is The Caves – an 18th century vaulted storage complex which was lost for more than 100 years and is now one of Edinburgh’s best and most coveted wedding venues.
Kelly and her co-founder, Benjy Meyer, say they are bringing a brand-new concept to businesses and event organisers in Scotland and will add even more venues over the coming months. The pair claim they have set out to make venue discovery, search and booking as easy as Amazon makes shopping.
They say that, as an automation and data-led business, VenueScanner saves on employee costs and thus has the lowest commission fees per booking on the market. Kelly and Meyer also hope that VenueScanner will rapidly become the go-to platform for businesses looking to book venues for office Christmas parties and say they are primed to find the best possible locations for a night to remember.
Kelly said: “We’re delighted to officially launch VenueScanner in Edinburgh. It’s a historical city with some wonderful venues, old and new. Many of the most charming venues are relatively unknown or barely discoverable online, and that’s the problem we’re here to solve.
“We help people tap into this unlocked potential with a quick, simple and affordable service. We’re adding new venues every day and are excited to help further raise the standards of events in Edinburgh.”
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