Fife firms urged to do their bit to combat littering and fly-tipping

Zero Waste Scotland to offer support to Fife businesses who pledge to help prevent litter and fly-tipping in their communities

Businesses in Fife are being urged to take part in a new initiative from Zero Waste Scotland to tackle litter at the source and reduce its impact on the community.
They’re encouraged by Fife Council to get involved in the project, in which Zero Waste Scotland will support organisations to change behaviours and attitudes towards litter and fly tipping among their staff, customers, service users and volunteers.
According to the Council, it provides a unique opportunity for organisations across the public, private and third sectors to demonstrate a positive influence on Fife.
Those who take part will pledge a set of actions to help prevent litter and fly-tipping and to change behaviours – which could be as simple as putting posters up to discourage littering, storing waste correctly and making sure any external areas are cleared of litter.
They will receive free support from Zero Waste Scotland to deliver their plans and are encouraged to share their success with other organisations across Fife.
15,000 tonnes of litter are discarded in Scotland each year, at a cost of £50 million to local authorities and tax payers. Local economies and businesses also suffer from the effects of litter.
Fife Council says a business’s reputation can be damaged when its products or packaging are the cause of littering, and littered streets reduce the popularity of local tourist spots.
Litter has a substantial impact on Scotland’s environment, economy and communities and the Council claims that dealing with litter and fly-tipping costs more than £50 million a year in public money.
Cllr. Ross Vettraino, Convener, Environment Protective Services & Community Safety Committee, Fife Council, said: “Litter prevention is all about having the right attitude. Every single piece of litter has been deliberately thrown away by an irresponsible member of the public.  If someone cares for the environment and doesn’t want to see public money wasted, they wouldn’t throw litter away, but would do the simple thing and place it in a litter bin or take it home with them.
“Litter prevention is much more effective than removing litter after it has been created, which is why I am encouraging all organisations and businesses to develop Litter Prevention Action Plans and help to lead the fight against litter in Fife.”
David Barnes, Programme Manager for Litter & Fly tipping, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “It is clear that litter picking and cleaning alone is not a long-term solution to tackling litter in Fife. That’s why we’re calling on local organisations to take the lead and prevent litter at its source.”
“I look forward to working with the fantastic businesses and organisations throughout Fife and supporting them to keep the area clean, prosperous and looking great.”
Organisations in Fife are encouraged to find out more and sign up to the initiative here
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