St Andrews event to help firms learn how to survive Brexit

St Andrews Business Club November event to help owners and managers develop Brexit survival strategies 

It’s not yet clear what form Brexit will take, but St Andrews Business Club’s November 8 event is set to help company owners and managers develop a Brexit survival strategy.
Three highly-qualified experts will speak at the event, to be held at the New Golf Club from 5.30pm.
Former Alliance Trust economist Dr Shona Dobbie gives independent economic, political and demographic advice to businesses. She will provide a politics-free understanding of the economic consequences of Brexit.
Dr Billy Grierson (left), Stephen Westwood and Dr Shona Dobbie will describe how companies can develop a Brexit survival strategy.
International businessman and entrepreneur Stephen Westwood has fulfilled roles as Chief Executive, Finance Director and interim executive across multiple business sectors for corporations in the UK and the US. He will deliver an appreciation of the actual and perceived impacts of Brexit on business.
Innovation and business consultant Dr Billy Grierson spent more than 30 years working for Ciba and BASF developing an understanding of how companies fail to solve problems and what tools and techniques can be used to improve their success rate. He will outline the framework to start the process of thinking about what opportunities and challenges your business will face and what you can do about them.
Anyone who wants to learn about this business topic, as well as network, is asked to book via Eventbrite.
A link and more details can be found on the Club’s website
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