Business Travel review – The Haymarket Hub Hotel, Edinburgh

Scotland B2B explores the Haymarket Hub Hotel – easily accessible for those who don’t know the city of Edinburgh that well

Situated just across the road from Haymarket railway station, this hotel is easy to locate and travel to for someone not all too familiar with Edinburgh.
On arriving a couple of hours earlier before check-in time and having plans for most of the day, my partner and I were keen to see if they could store our luggage. But there was no need as many of the rooms had already been vacated and cleaned. We found ourselves checking in straight away – thanks, in no small part, to the friendly reception staff.
The next day, we learned that there is indeed a bag storage service so there’s no need for other travellers to worry about wandering the busy streets with heavy bags.
The hotel itself is very secure. Access to the lifts, stairwells, rooms and even Platform 5, the pub and restaurant next door, is via your room key.
The hotel is incredibly space-efficient. My room door was a foot across from another, for example, and the room itself was very compact and welcoming.
But despite its small size, the room didn’t feel cramped at all. In fact, it was perfect for a business trip for one – or even a cosy night with your significant other.
The bed was neatly tucked to the left side of the room in front of a flat-screen TV, providing Sky channels at no extra charge and lit up by two overhead reading lights, as well as a ring of changeable coloured lights across half of the room.
The bathroom – to the right-hand side of the room – is divided by a frosted glass door. It’s perfect for a solo business traveller but if you’re travelling with anyone else, make sure you know them well because is no lock for the bathroom.
If you are travelleling with a (close) colleague or partner, however, rest assured two bathrobes, a bath towel and two handtowels are provided, along with miniature showering essentials.
Also provided with the room are welcoming snacks, a safe and a hairdryer. There are no tea-making facilities but there is a ‘Handy’ phone for looking up your whereabouts in Edinburgh. I found the tech invaluable to help me track down the best value food and drink available, as well as extra information about the hotel and even discounted tickets for attractions in the city.
Both the room and bathroom were spotless and although the window couldn’t be opened, the room still felt fresh and not stuffy – thanks, in part, to the air conditioning which could be controlled alongside the coloured lights on a panel next to the bathroom.
Sadly, an empire biscuit that was left for me in the room was out of date by a couple of days so I’d advise checking before snacking.
Despite being located on a very busy street, the room was pretty sound-proof and the traffic and night life of the city couldn’t easily be heard to disturb sleep.
As well as being easily seen from the train station, the hotel could be seen further up the street thanks to its height and sign poking above the other buildings which again, was very reassuring for someone who wasn’t used to the busy city.
The Woo Woo at Platform 5
After comparing restaurants online, my business partner and I decided to go to Platform 5 for dinner where our breakfast was also to be served the next day – and I’m glad we did. While the atmosphere was very much as you’d expect from a busy pub, it was well catered towards hotel guests opting for a meal, a drink and a chat without the drama. It didn’t take long for us to be served after ordering despite it being so busy. The lasagne included a twist involving more chunks of vegetables and sauce, meaning it was very filling and I would definitely recommend it after a long day of sightseeing.
The Lasagne at Platform 5
In summary 
Overall, I found the hotel to be a perfect stepping stone into the heart of Edinburgh and is definitely worth a stay whether you don’t want to stray far or if you want to explore as much as possible as it caters for most preferences and even helps you along the way with the “Handy” phone guide.
It’s easily accessible for those who don’t know the city that well and offers a great opportunity to do your research from your room or on the go. The hotel is also reasonably priced at around £49 a night and I am very much likely to find myself staying again while on business in the near future.
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