Why Scottish brands should harness the pulling power of online influencers

The impact of influencers can be seen around the world and Scotland is no different, say influencer marketing experts

Influencer marketing experts are encouraging Scottish brands to work with Scottish social media stars to make the most of their heritage and regional appeal – particularly in the run-up to St Andrews Day on 30 November.
Influencer Champions says supporting and collaborating with local entrepreneurs is a great way to keep national spirit going all year round. It claims that one such group of entrepreneurs who pack an astronomical punch when it comes to marketing power is Scotland’s growing number of social media influencers.
The firm says social media influencers, who have risen to prominence on online platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or via blogging, are redefining marketing and challenging the norm. These influencers build relationships with their followers, sharing honest opinions on a wide range of products and services.
According to Influencer Champions, the impact of influencers can be seen around the world and Scotland is no different. Understanding the local area, Scotland’s social media influencers are commanding vast audiences and hold great sway with both Scottish consumers and shoppers around the wider UK and world.
Senior Manager Amelia Neate describes the benefits of keeping it local when it comes to influencer marketing: “The popularity of social media has shown us that people like to keep it personal,” she says.
“Part of what makes a social media influencer popular is how relatable they are and with relatability comes trust. Scottish brands can help boost their relatability by choosing to work with local influencers; people who, live, shop and socialise in the same regions as their potential clients, instantly creating a bond and a shared history.
“Choosing to ‘shop local’ and work with Scottish influencers can help to reinforce a Scottish brand’s identity and help them to stand out in the market as the ‘go-to’ Scottish brand.”
Influencer Champions has selected three Scottish social media influencers that could heighten the profile of any Scottish brand.
  1. Jamie Genevieve – YouTube +539k subscribers| Instagram +876k
23-year-old Jamie Genevieve is a Scottish makeup artist, vlogger, YouTuber and full-time social media influencer.
Such is her reputation as an influencer, Jamie has worked with some of the biggest beauty brands in the industry including: Kiehl’s, Clairol, Tarte and Too Faced.
  1. Kate La Vie – YouTube +138k subscribers| Instagram +222k
Beauty, interior and lifestyle influencer, Kate La Vie, has been blogging since 2009 and has gained a great following in eight years.
A fantastic influencer to pair with brands, she has already worked with some high-profile names including: Kiehl’s, Sensodyne, Sure, Garnier, Clinique, Cath Kidston and Elizabeth Arden.
  1. Lucy Flight – YouTube +133k subscribers| Instagram + 118k
Lucy Flight uploads YouTube videos to her popular channel on a weekly basis where she shares news and opinions about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Brands she has worked with include: Badoo, Vaseline, Mark Hill, Protein World, and Rimmel.
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