Minister approves refresh of Scotland’s chemical sciences strategy

Chemical Sciences Scotland has been given the green light to develop a new strategy to help sustain Scotland’s low carbon future 

The voice of Scotland’s chemical sciences industry has been given the go-ahead to refresh a strategy which will help the country work towards a low carbon future.
Chemical Sciences Scotland, which was established in 2007 to sustain a vibrant and competitive Scottish chemicals industry and is supported by a range of individuals and businesses from both the private and public sector, has received the green light by Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse.
It says the chemical sciences industry is responsible for exports of £4.5bn, which is 17 per cent of Scotland’s total – second only to the food and drink industry.
Tom Shields
Tom Shields,  Acting Chair of the Chemical Sciences Scotland Industry Leaders Group, which sought out the approval at a meeting with the MP last week, said: “By approving our recommendations today, the Minister has shown his commitment to the further growth of the industry and the collective aim of working towards a viable low carbon future for Scotland.
“We are focused on the task in hand, particularly in light of the recent changes to the energy landscape in Scotland.
“Our hope is to develop refreshed strategy over the coming months with the support of the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and other organisations invested in the sector to drive forward our shared vision.”
Wheelhouse said: “The chemical sciences underpin a number of important sectors such as food and drink, and energy. In Scotland, we’re very proud to have a strong chemicals sector with an impressive history of being one of the country’s largest manufacturing exporters.

“We have world-leading research capabilities in Scotland and I truly believe that we are ready to be global leaders on innovation. We plan to meet this aspiration by promoting growth and investing in our talented workforce.

“I welcome and support the decision made by Chemical Sciences Scotland to refresh their sector strategy. That vision should aim to maximise the sector’s significant potential, and will create welcome growth to the Scottish economy.”

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