Edinburgh Airport chief highlights pulling power of West Lothian

Gordon Dewar, Edinburgh Airport

Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport Gordon Dewar calls on businesses to realise West Lothian’s full pulling power potential 

The Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport has called on businesses in West Lothian to realise the extent of its ‘pulling power potential’ as a world class hub for investment.
Speaking at the West Lothian Business Excellence Awards at the MacDonald Houston House Hotel organised by West Lothian Chamber of Commerce, Gordon Dewar acknowledged that the region was “exceptionally ambitious and Edinburgh Airport sells that potential to the world.”
He said: “West Lothian sits next door to an airport with worldwide flights and connections; an airport which is constantly growing; an airport which is opening new markets.
“These new markets are accessible to everyone, including those in the city of Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife and beyond. and the airport’s inclusive approach should encourage other neighbouring communities and businesses outside Edinburgh to follow West Lothian’s example, come together and make the most of this. We can see the potential. It just needs to be harnessed and achieved.”
He told the 180-strong audience that West Lothian continues to show enormous potential – and Edinburgh Airport sells that potential to the rest of the world, buoyed by the youngest, fastest growing population in Scotland, a strong, business-friendly community and a track record in attracting inward investors and, crucially, a tourism sector that supports 3,900 jobs and contributes over £59.1m GVA to the West Lothian area.
Echoing these comments, Linda Scott, Chief Executive of West Lothian Chamber of Commerce, said: “Gordon Dewar and his team at Edinburgh Airport have achieved so much for this area by bringing the world to our doorstep. Under his leadership and vision, we have seen Edinburgh Airport embrace new gateways to the Middle East, North America and The Far East and this augurs well for businesses in our region who can rely on selling their services to the world.
“Moreover, our tourism and hospitality industries are boosted by the influx of visitors to the area. West Lothian is seeing a boom in the range and diversity of businesses and with the cast-iron guarantee of an Airport that delivers an exceptionally strong network of international opportunity for our businesses, Gordon’s comments on West Lothian’s potential are very much in line with what we hear from our members.”
Gordon Dewar was keynote speaker at The West Lothian Business Excellence Awards which celebrates the very best of the region’s businesses across a number of categories including High Growth and Innovation, Tourism and the top ‘Business of the Year’ accolade.
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