Mini-breaks – the emerging work trend that’s boosting productivity

A new study has found that workers who take mini-breaks throughout the day are more energetic, focused and productive 

A new trend in which workers are taking regular breaks throughout the working day is emerging, according to a survey of 1,000 British adults by
Nearly one in two workers (49%) take short breaks from their work as often as every two hours and 15% do so once per hour, the Take a Break Report 2017 has revealed – with many finding that this has a direct impact on their work performance.
  • Nearly half (49%) admit to taking short breaks as often as every two hours
  • 36% say regular mini breaks have helped them to increase energy levels and productivity
  • 25-34-year-old workers take the most frequent breaks, with 1 in 10 taking two breaks per hour
More than one in three (36%) believe that this time actually boosts their productivity and energy levels. And more than a quarter (27%) have experienced a moment of inspiration during their downtime which has led them to resolve or solve a problem or challenge related to their work.
Nearly one in four (23%) have discovered some news or information during these kind of breaks which has been beneficial for their work.
However, few bosses seem to be recognising these benefits, as just 14% of employers feel that workers taking regular short breaks is a positive thing.
Pascal Culverhouse, founder and CEO at, said: “This trend for workers to take more frequent breaks from work can understandably sound a little concerning for business owners if this is not governed.
“However this research clearly shows that – if employers make it clear when and for how long they are happy to authorise workers taking these kinds of breaks – it can actually have a positive impact on workers’ professional performance.
“Mini breaks are a great way to rebalance, refocus and recharge so that concentration and energy levels don’t waiver. Even just a couple of short breaks each day could make a huge difference to maximising workers’ outputs, and ensuring they are making the most of each day.”
It is 25-34-year-old workers who take the most frequent breaks with 1 in 10 (9%) doing so twice per hour. The group following closely behind is those aged 18 – 24, with 21% of this group taking breaks once per hour.
However, it’s not only the youngest workers leading this trend – more than 1 in 3 employees aged 55 – 64 years old admitted to taking a break from work every 2 hours. is a UK-based online vape shop.
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