Mobile technology key to attracting candidates

London no longer leads the pack when it comes to using employment-related smart technology, according to Global iLabs, which says Scotland is now snapping at its heels.
New research carried out by the firm, which is the brains behind ‘Tabs’, a mobile solution for businesses and agencies which use shift, contract, freelance and temporary workers, has revealed that freelance, contract, temporary and zero hours workers in Scotland are only marginally behind London when it comes to owning and using mobile technology to find work.
The survey, which was designed to determine whether technology is facilitating a better work-life balance across the UK, found that 88% of London-based freelance, contract and zero hours workers use smart technology – using job boards on smartphones or tablets – for searching for work placements, while 86% in Scotland are doing the same.
And when it comes to more advanced technology beyond smartphones, Scotland trounces the South and backs recent Ofcom findings that mobile technology pick-up in Scotland beats any other region in the UK.
Global iLabs says these are “hardly surprising results from one of the most inventive and innovative nations on the planet since the birth of the industrial revolution.”
Seventy-four % of Londoners said their position within a company was equally as important as their pay rate, while a vastly different 83% of savvier Scots said it was pay that was the driving factor.
Scottish respondents said that having more disposable income and more free time were key drivers in how, when and where they worked.
According to Global iLabs, Scotland is home to some of the country’s most talented and in-demand professionals across sectors such as engineering, fuel extraction and creation, financial services and tourism sector, but it also sees a high percentage of workers in the zero contract category.
The firm says this is proving no bad thing, with 75% of zero hours workers in Scotland seeing mobile technology, like Tabs, as enabling them to better fit shifts around family commitments than full time employment, where climbing the career ladder often comes at the expense of quality time with family and friends.
Only 68% of their London colleagues felt the same which, Global iLabs says, begs the question: is family and work-life balance more important in Scotland than the capital?
The firm says that when it comes to temporary staff recruited via agencies, there has been a seismic shift in loyalty, with 88% of Scottish staff saying they are no longer loyal to one recruitment agency (again the highest rate in the whole of the UK) and work across the books of many, scheduling working lives around their own time and family commitments.
It says it seems this is where Londoners fall short with only 81% no longer loyal.
Managing director Greg Wixted, who is also at the helm of Tabs, said: “We have a fascination for how technology is changing people’s lives for the better. We know, have the firm and definitive facts and stats on how Tabs saves money and time, increasing productivity for businesses across multiple sectors. However, we have also found some truly astounding insights into how it is better enabling workers, private individuals in various UK regions, to better achieve a happy work/life balance and enabling them to find the best rates of pay available to them. This bodes well for families, single parents and kids across the UK and is gratifying to us to think, that Tabs will help them to lead happier, more profitable working lives where they can essentially buy more of their own freedom.”
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