Study reveals the likes and loathes of business travellers

British Airways has lifted the lid on the habits of business travellers and what they really use their time for when away from home.
Its latest research – commissioned as part of the re-launch of its On Business loyalty programme – revealed:
  • Fifteen % more women than men see a business trip as opportunity to visit new places and experience new culture (88% vs 73%)
  • Twenty % more men than women travel to meet suppliers, colleagues or customers (70% vs 50 per cent), whereas women are seven per cent more likely to be travelling for training than men (21% vs 28%)
  • Spending time away from friends and family is one of the biggest bug bears with two thirds (64%) of travellers citing it as a frustration. It would appear to upset men more than women, with 69% of men rating it a serious issue vs 55% of women
  •  The long hours associated with business trips are also a challenge for 58% of travellers, with women finding it more problematic than men (68% of women vs 53% of men)
  • Women are also much more concerned about taking connecting flights with just over half (55%) citing it as a source of stress, compared to a third (33%) of men
  • While a quarter (24%) of people surveyed found a lack of internet frustrating, only 16% said they were concerned at being unable to work
  • Ninety % of people like that flying gives them the chance to work quietly in-flight
  • The smartphone is the favourite technology of choice with 97% of people travelling with them. Eighty eight % will carry a laptop and 71% will take a tablet.
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