Scottish Property Awards’ final call for entries

The Scottish Property Awards has issued its final call for entries ahead of next week’s submission deadline.
It’s urging businesses to act now and enter by October 15 (2015) to be in with a chance of being shortlisted for one or more of 13 categories honouring the best organisations, teams and projects.
More than 500 people are expected to turn out at the 3rd annual industry awards for Scotland’s commercial and public property sectors which takes place on March 3 in Glasgow.
Entry is free and, according to organisers, the competition is built around the assessment of a 1000-word written submission supported by images, plans, testimonials and other credentials.
Judges will mark entries against their ability to meet the eligibility criteria and guidelines in the competition entry guide which can be downloaded from the website.
Members of the 18-strong judging panel have offered some final tips to potential entrants.
Rufus Logan, director at BRE Scotland, said: “In a short paragraph tell the story and what makes the project special to you. Remember, highlight the key points that meet the criteria. To demonstrate sustainable approach it is worth considering the key factors the building has addressed and expressing this in terms of positive impact for the building’s occupiers.”
Established 1949 to support post war reconstruction and to establish better Scottish Building Standards, BRE Scotland now helps clients successfully meet the challenges they face in delivering a better built environment.
Nick Scott, head of real estate for Brodies LLP, said: “We’re looking for anything genuinely innovative or novel and for some categories it is helpful if entries focussed on the ways they have invested in their business in Scotland.   Everything is provided in confidence so entrants can be clear about projects and deals they have been involved in.”
John Hamilton, CEO at Winchburgh Developments, says once the basics are ticked off and everything you need to see is provided, there is a final stand out which might come as a surprise.
He said: “We’re supportive of having fun in business and we would encourage that element to come through in some submissions.”
Top tips to help you stand out from the competition
  • Criteria:  Check that your entry ticks all the boxes in terms of answering the criteria in each category you are entering.
  • Clarity:  Keep your writing simple and concise.  Include information which tells the story of your team or individual. A strong opening paragraph will help grab the attention of judges.
  • Presentation:  The look and feel of your entry is important and judges will recognise effort in preparation and clear presentation.
  • Testimonials:  Back up your entry with named client, supplier or staff testimonials, and don’t forget to include industry credentials.
  • Share your success:  Enter more than one category so you spread the message across the judging panel.
  • Take time: Triple check your submission and supporting information. Make sure to proof-read your statements. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes detract from the quality of the nomination.

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