Creative boost for UK seafood industry as it casts recruitment net

A new campaign to promote career prospects in the seafood industry has been launched this week.
The World is Your Oyster is a new initiative from Seafish, the industry authority on seafood, which will profile real people sharing their career stories in the hope of capturing the imaginations of youngsters aged 16 to 24 and looking to take their first step on the career ladder.
Seafish says young people are likely to be attracted to the industry because of some of the unique perks and qualifications linked to such careers, as well as the potential to travel the world.
According to the organisation, the seafood industry – which has an ageing workforce – needs to reinvigorate its talent pool by providing a more holistic picture of what the sector has to offer.
Seafish says some of the benefits include competitive wages, a variety of roles, and apprenticeship and training options in which people can ‘learn as they earn’ and achieve quick career progression.
Through engaging case studies and a new film, Seafish plans to share the stories of several vibrant and aspirational young people, forging successful careers in the seafood industry.
Watch ‘The World is Your Oyster’ seafood careers film here

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