Extra funding for small businesses investing in young people

Small businesses in Scotland that sign up to Investors in Young People (IIYP) are to benefit from 100% funding until March 2016.
Those who register to help develop Scotland’s young workforce will be able to claim the extra support after Investors in People Scotland – the organisation behind IIYP –announced an extension to the funding. image001
Since the accreditation launched in July 2014, more than 150 employers employing 250 people or less have already benefited from funding, which is available from the Scottish Government.
IIYP is the country’s only people management award focusing on employers’ recruitment and retention of young people.
IIYP accreditation brings a number of benefits, including advice, recommendations and best practice regarding the recruitment, employment and training of young workers.
Peter Russian, chief executive of Investors in People Scotland, said: “We whole heartedly welcome the extension to the funding available for IIYP. We’ve had such positive feedback from organisations that have been through the accreditation, with many finding that the process helped with staff retention and marking them out as an employer of choice for young people. Now that the 100% funding has been extended by the Scottish Government, we hope this will encourage many more employers to be IIYP accredited so they too can benefit from what IIYP has to offer them.”
One small business already reaping the benefits of IIYP accreditation is The National Piping Centre (TNPC) and the Piper’s Tryst Hotel, in Glasgow. The organisation was presented with a silver award in July.
Other firms to embrace the initiative closer to home include 20/20 Productions in Edinburgh, which is currently undergoing IIYP assessment.
Managing director Alastair Scott said: “As a successful SME, 20/20 Productions knows that investing in young people is key to achieving its future goals.
“We’ve gained a huge amount from Investors in People status since gaining accreditation in 1999, and continue to do so. Our business is very much built around what we call ‘The 20/20 Way’ – a series of commitments, created by the team, which are focussed around best practice and employee development.
“We know that the young people of today are potential employees and clients of tomorrow.  Our team are actively involved in supporting and developing local media students, however gaining Investors in Young People accreditation will further support our commitment to continuous improvement.
“IIYP is a great initiative for both young people and businesses, and with the news that 100% funding is available hopefully many other companies will get on board.”
Gemma Cannon, ACIPD, general manager of The National Piping Centre, highlighted the benefits of IIYP: “Investors in Young People is an agenda for continuous improvement. Thanks to the accreditation we have now built a competency framework around young employees and junior staff to help guide them within the general organisational strategy. Overall, there has been a boost in team camaraderie, increased communication and improvement in guest experience. We have demonstrated how much young people and innovative ideas can impact on the business as a whole.
“The changes made using the IIYP framework were fairly easy to implement and employees’ became determined to meet IIYP’s highest standards. IIYP has made a huge impact on their business resulting in more opportunities for junior members of staff and a stronger team mentality.”
Russian added: “The benefits of recruiting and developing young people are countless. These include the creation of a talent pool for the future, new and increased skills, fresh eyes and mind-sets into business operations along with enthusiasm and unique talents. With the extension of funding for IIYP, we aim to support more small Scottish businesses recruit and develop young people, in order to ensure we build a dynamic and productive workforce across the country.”
IIYP originated through a key recommendation from the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, led by Sir Ian Wood.
For more details on the funding extension call 0131 625 0155 or visit the website
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