Companies storing far too much data, report finds

UK businesses are keeping far too much data, according to new research which has been published as part of today’s (Monday, February 8) national ‘Clean Out Your Computer Day’.
Results of a Crown Records Management survey – carried out in partnership with survey specialist Censuswide – in which a cross section of senior IT decision makers in companies with more than 200 employees were polled, has revealed:
•    More than half (55%) do not have a policy in place for email data retention
•    More than half (58%) do not audit their paper-based data regularly or destroy anything that’s no longer required.
•    Nearly two-thirds (60%) do not regularly review what data is stored in the cloud or on-site.
•    Nearly two-thirds (64%) do not filter what goes into the cloud.
•    Three-quarters (76%) do not have systems that enable them to differentiate between a record (that must be retained) and other data.
Mike Dunleavy
Mike Dunleavy
Mike Dunleavy, head of Customer Development and Experience at Crown Records Management, a global expert in information management, said: “These results show that many businesses are keeping too much data – and often keeping it unnecessarily. This will not only slow down processes but could prove expensive when, under new data protection regulation, people gain greater rights to ask for their personal data to be edited or deleted.
“Now is the right time to wrestle control of the situation. Managing data effectively begins with knowing what data you have and then establishing a robust, compliant and well-implemented retention schedule. The amount of data handled by businesses is only going to grow in future and so knowing what is a record, which needs to be kept, and what is just data noise is hugely important.”
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