South Queensferry firms duped by Tom Cruise hoax

An online hoax has been causing a stir among businesses and residents in South Queensferry who were led to believe that actor Tom Cruise may be relocating to the East Lothian town.
A satirical hack had reported that the famous scientologist was set to up sticks and move to South Queensferry after revealing as much in an interview with Headline Brief which, it was later discovered, is a fantasy news site.
Dozens of people took to Twitter tonight (Wednesday, March 9) to comment, saying:
 “@CllrNormanWork and Tom Cruise mentioned in the same article – who’d have thought it?” – @Patrickjb
“Wonder if he is looking for a dentist?” – @FerryBurnDental
“Your house has just tripled in value. Tom Cruise Moving to South Queensferry, Scotland” – @qdeventsmd
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