Longannet Power Station set to power down for the last time

Fife Council has confirmed that Longannet Power Station will switch-off the last of its four generating units at 3pm today (Thursday, 24 March).
Cllr David Ross, Fife Council’s leader, said: “It’s very sad that we have now reached the final point of closure of the Longannet Power Station. It has been a fixture in the Kincardine area for many years providing direct and indirect employment across central Scotland and beyond.
“We lobbied for the continued operation of the plant until at least 2020, and I have concerns that the decision to close Longannet prematurely will prove to have been short sighted.
“We have been working with the neighbouring local authorities, Scottish Government, Scottish Power and a range of national and local organisations, through the Longannet Task Force, to mitigate the impact of the closure.
“The Task Force has been working hard to support those workers affected by the closure at the plant and the companies and employees in the wider supply chain, and also to put in place plans to address the longer term regeneration of the local area.
“An Economic Recovery Action Plan has been prepared by the local authorities, Scottish Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland as a basis for this regeneration. whilst I am disappointed that to date the Scottish Government has not committed any additional funding to implement this action plan, we will keep pressing for the funding that is essential to drive forward the recovery of the communities, businesses and individuals impacted by the closure.”
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