Scotland revealed as number one motoring fatality hotspot

High insurance premiums? Here’s why…

New figures have revealed that the chances of surviving a motoring accident are lower in Scotland than anywhere else in Great Britain.
According to road traffic statistics released by the Government, Scotland is the number one hot spot for motoring fatalities, with the highest death rate from road accidents involving motors at 10% compared to the rest of the UK.
They suggest that if you are in an accident in Scotland, you’re five times more likely to be killed compared to the national average.
Figures show there were close to 190,000 incidents recorded last year in the UK and, with Scotland reporting three deaths a week, it makes the country the most dangerous place to be.
Despite an overall 2.6% decrease on the year before, the figures based on Police Force areas show that when it comes to general vehicle casualties in Scotland, there are 10,080 injuries, of which 178 are fatalities.
On average, people in Scotland are twice as likely to suffer a slight injury or serious injury resulting in hospitalisation and 1.5 times more likely to be killed compared to the national average.
The report also indicates that rural roads are responsible for the majority of fatal crashes, claiming 50% of the lives lost in the UK**. Urban roads come a close second at 44% whilst surprisingly the motorway only accounts for 5%.
Mark Wilkinson, managing partner at Heritage Car Insurance, said: “Insurers base their premiums on a variety of criteria, one of them being your postcode.
“If you happen to live in a high injury area, your insurance premiums will be higher. Our best advice is to take precautions when driving.
“Whether you’re in rural or urban areas, stay alert and be aware of other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists on the road.
“If your premium is higher because of your postcode, there are ways you can reduce the price of your insurance policy.
“Moving house is an option, but most likely not a feasible one! You could look at limiting your mileage or ensuring your vehicle is locked away securely at night and fitted with a vehicle GPS tracker.”

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