Recruitment business to help military spouses back into work in Fife

Recruit for Spouses is keen to hear from employers in Fife and Tayside who want to tap into this community 

A recruitment business which helps military spouses get back into work has recently launched in Fife.
Recruit for Spouses (RfS), a social enterprise, has opened an office in Leuchars to enable employers across Fife to gain access to the pool of talent currently lying dormant across the region.
It says there are thousands of qualified, experienced, motivated people living in and around military bases across Scotland who are unemployed purely because of their husband or wife’s career choice.
They are keen to work and because of their lifestyle have a wide variety of skills and experience which makes them an untapped resource with huge potential for the local economy.
According to RfS, Forces’ spouses have skills and advantages which make them an asset to any employer and there are clear business benefits of accessing the skills and experience within military communities including:
 Access to a largely untapped resource
 A workforce which may be particularly interested in flexible, part time and ‘seasonal’ work
 Interesting and diverse skill sets including language skills
 Military spouses have often developed skills such as adaptability, resourcefulness and communication, as a result of their association with the military.
 Military spouses are capable of forging good relationships in a fast-changing environment and are loyal and dedicated with a strong work ethic.
 In addition, those who recruit, retain and advance military-affiliated employees will benefit from supporting the British Armed Forces.
 There are additional advantages for organisations tendering for work with the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
Sarah Stone, RfS’s representative in Scotland, said: “Our candidates have a wide range of skills and experience and would love the opportunity to work for you. I’m a military wife; I’m also a former adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron and worked in Downing Street before my husband’s career meant a move for the family and I had to give up my job.
Sarah Stone, Recruit for Spouses
Sarah Stone, Recruit for Spouses
“I’m not unusual either; we have spouses in Scotland looking for work who are experienced journalists, A&E nurses, surgeons, teachers, GPs, vets, dentists, executive assistants, office managers, interior designers, architects, accountants, IT consultants, retail managers & assistants, call centre operatives, graphic designers, scientists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, beauticians.
“Just about every profession you can think of is represented in a military community and you are highly likely to find someone with a level of experience and expertise that you wouldn’t normally expect outside of a major city.
“A lot of our wives have worked for big brands and high street companies and that’s a huge amount of talent on offer to employers in towns like St Andrews.”
Initially founded in 2012 by Heledd Kendrick, a military spouse herself, RfS is a gateway for employers who would otherwise find it difficult to gain access to the military spouse network.
Kendrick said: “Good candidates can often be hard to find. Military wives make excellent candidates but they often don’t respond to traditional job advertisements.
“They don’t see themselves as part of the local ‘labour market’ so it can be hard for employers to reach them. RFS has an excellent network which we can leverage to help you find the perfect person with the skills and experience you need, many of whom would be off the radar to you otherwise.”
As well as filling job vacancies and giving employers access to a new source of talent and human resource, using Recruit for Spouses is also a really good, practical way for Scotland’s businesses to support the armed forces community locally.
RfS says because employers are recruiting people who live locally, the money will stay in the local economy which is good for everyone.
The organisation has made the film above to help employers get a better understanding about what it is they can do for them.
RfS is keen to hear from employers in Fife and Tayside, large and small.
If you would like to know how you can access this unique community contact Sarah Stone on 07779 111176 or email
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