Team Challenge Company proves Fife firms just wanna have fun

Dunfermline firm celebrates 15 years in business by taking team building to another level

A Dunfermline firm certainly knows how to have fun. It’s marking 15 successful years in the team building and corporate events industry by pitting its people against each other in 15 separate challenges – one for each year in business.
Team Challenge Company has thrown down the gauntlet in celebration of its 15th anniversary by challenging its staff to a 15-mile hike, 15mph pedal car race, and a maths contest in which they have to recite the mathematical value of Pi to 15 digits, as well as various other feats.
Team Challenge Company founders Stephen Hazley and Gerard Crowley
Team Challenge Company founders Stephen Hazley and Gerard Crowley
It’s all about the number 15 for the Fife firm which was founded in 2001 by directors Gerard Crowley and Stephen Hazley from the confines of a one-bedroom flat.
Since its humble beginnings, Team Challenge Company has gone on to achieve an annual turnover of more than £1 million, with 30 staff during peak seasons and a client book featuring the likes of AG Barr, Heineken and Aldi. Not bad for two guys from Dunfy.
The name of the game is team building and Team Challenge Company has it down to a tee.
From Soap Box Derbys and TV-inspired Bush Tucker events, which involve eating insects, to Beat the Clock challenges which test both mental and physical aptitude, Team Challenge Company has it covered and even pioneered Scotland’s most advanced treasure hunt app to answer the nation’s hunger for gamification.
The software has since been seen at TEDx events and is a firm favourite for turning potentially bland corporate events into adult playgrounds.
“Myself and Stephen are extremely proud of what we have achieved over the last 15 years and are looking forward to the next 15,” says Crowley.
“Despite pressures on the industry caused by the economy, we believe by continuing to push creative boundaries, delivering innovative and fun ideas, we shall further increase our presence in our target business sectors across technology, financial and pharmaceuticals.
“One of my proudest moments happened when we moved into our new 5,500 square foot office space in Dunfermline.
“Having previously been located in a unit a tenth of the size, we were amazed by the enormity of the space, and we were unsure how to fill it.
“It was at this moment that we knew our plans were coming together and we set in motion our objective to double the size of our existing operation as we strive to become the top team building provider in the UK.”
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