New report reveals shocking conditions in UK workplaces

21 million of British workers claim their workplace is a health hazard – how safe is yours?

Unsafe and unsanitary working conditions are putting the health of millions of British workers in serious danger, according to a new report by a UK personal injury specialist.
Researchers on behalf of Hayward Baker carried out an in-depth study into the conditions of Britain’s offices, shops, factories, warehouses and building sites – and discovered a staggering 69% of British workers claim their workplace to be a health hazard.
The study revealed 35% of working Brits have picked up an illness from their place of work – with 18% claiming to have been struck down with food poisoning or caught a stomach bug because of dirty conditions.
A further 39% have suffered an injury at work – with two in 10 (20%) Brits having been to hospital due to a work-related illness or injury.
Complaints to emerge from the study regarding the workplace include greasy and slippery floors (16%), unhygienic work colleagues (13%), unsanitary toilet facilities (11%) – and cluttered floors (10%).
Dirty kitchens also pose a problem for 10% of the nation’s workforce – as do ripped carpets (9%), broken chairs (8%) and unsafe wiring (6%).
Nearly half (46%) of those polled have complained to their bosses about the state of their place of work, with a further 21% saying their manager did nothing to rectify the situation.
According to the research, just 16% of British workers sought legal advice after suffering an injury, with the average claim for compensation being £24,931.
Twenty-nine per cent of all accidents at work were considered ‘moderate’ injuries – such as broken bones or fractures – and serious enough for workers to make a claim against their employer.
Other common workplace injuries are cuts (27%) and strained backs (20%).
The more ‘severe’ accidents that followed an injury at work include dislocations (9%) and a further 6% had lost a limb or body part as result of their injury.
Twenty-one per cent say they have had an accident at work and it wasn’t their fault while a further 18% say they have had an accident and it was their fault.
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