Flying for business? Six tips for finding the lowest fare possible

Get flight fare savvy with some handy booking hints

On a budget? Frustrated with yo-yo flight fares which seem to go up and down by the hour?
Try some of these helpful tips for successfully securing low fares, whichever part of the world you’re off to.
  1. Travel when no one else wants to – The trick to finding the lowest fare possible is to travel when others aren’t. Worst case scenario, this could mean travelling in the middle of the night but midday is typically a good time for business travel. Don’t restrict yourself to certain times when searching the internet for flights. Make sure you keep your options open.
  2. Be flexible – Similarly, if you can be flexible a day here and there and avoid having a fixed date of travel (tricky in business, we know), then you’re likely to throw up a cheaper result. Travelling on a Saturday or midweek (Tuesday or Wednesday) tends to be cheaper as most people want to fly at the start of the week and return by the weekend. Make sure you check the flexible dates option when doing a flight search.
  3. Avoid peak times – It might sound a bit extreme, but if you’ve nothing else on, travelling during holidays such as on or just before Christmas can save time and avoid the crowds.
  4. Plan ahead – It pays to book as soon as you possibly can and not leave securing your airline seat till the very last minute when you’re guaranteed to pay through the nose. Basically, the closer you are to you’re date of travel, the more you pay. Your choice of flight time, seat etc will also be very limited.
  5. Fly to an alternative airport – Again, keep your options open. It might be just as easy –and possibly cheaper – to fly to an alternative nearby airport and get public transport to your hotel or meeting place.
  6. Use a comparison site – Checking out the likes of Skyscanner, Kyak, or Expedia will undoubtedly save you time and money.
To better understand the fluctuations in flight prices, check out the following BBC report.
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