Eurowings launches new Save Your Price reservation option

Airline rolls out 72-hour airfare reservations to make the booking process easier and calmer  

Business travellers flying with Eurowings, which operates a number of flights from Edinburgh, can now ‘buy time’ with the airline’s new Save Your Price reservation option.
Eurowings has introduced 72-hour airfare reservations, enabling customers to save the price of any flight found and then make plans, or book other components of their trip, such as hire cars or hotels, calmly and without a rush.
Its Save Your Price reservation expires automatically after 72 hours and costs two euros per person and journey leg on short-haul and 10 euros on long-haul flights.
Eurowings says it’s using the Save Your Price option to improve the service it offers to customers on the website.
It claims the service also increases the comfort and convenience of booking: passengers get more time to plan their air travel and can book carefully and without a rush – with no fear of flights no longer being available or only at higher prices.
For travel agencies 
The Save Your Price option is also available to travel agencies, for which there’s no need to pay the airfare during the Save Your Price reservation period. Payment is only due when the reservation option is converted to a confirmed booking.
Prior to this, the only charges are for Save Your Price itself, which can be paid by almost every current payment method featured on the Eurowings website. The usual additional services, such as hire car, rail tickets or insurance, can be added during the normal booking process on conversion of the option
Save Your Price can be used on all three Eurowings rates BASIC, SMART and BEST but can only be used with bookings made via the Eurowings website. It can only be used up to 21 days before departure, after which the function, which excludes Flex fares, is no longer available. It also doesn’t apply to promotional fare prices which are marked “Sale”.
Eurowings says Save Your Price joins the line-up of innovations introduced for its passengers this year. Others include the reduction of its flagship product, the BEST rate, to EUR 99.99 and the introduction of “Wings Entertain” in-flight entertainment. With this, passengers on short and medium-hauls flights can watch a huge variety of blockbuster videos and TV series on their own devices. There is also a large selection of music, audiobooks and in-flight information on offer.
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