Edinburgh duo to crowdfund £10k for new social giving app

Social tech company targets £10,000 on Indiegogo 

An Edinburgh mother and daughter team is hoping to raise £10k on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to grow its support community and take its innovative social tech to market.
Loral and Eishel Quinn co-founded Sustainably, a real time social responsibility platform designed to inspire sustainable living and giving, in 2015 and are now hoping to take it to the next level.
They say their technology integrates giving to good causes and ‘feel good’ updates in real time by connecting with consumers’ cashless transactions at the point of sale.
In short, shoppers can automatically round-up cashless transactions to the nearest pound in real time and give the spare change to their chosen charities.
Consumers are given the opportunity to donate every time they shop and businesses can boost their CSR (corporate social responsibility) activity by matching donations.
Sustainably says it plans to transform the charity sector by enabling a bigger impact and improving levels of trust and transparency so that individuals can donate on their own terms, privately and anonymously, with complete control.
It says that, unlike other forms of giving, donors can pause donations instantly in an app, and opt out of unwanted direct mail, phone calls and texts.
The team claims its techonology appeals to socially conscious consumers and businesses and forms part of a growing trend for increased trust and transparency in the charity sector.

It works by connecting the user’s credit or debit card to the Sustainably app to enable automatic rounding up whenever they use their cards or connected devices.

Loral Quinn, CEO and co-founder of Sustainably, said: “We believe that making giving back fun, engaging and part of daily life will encourage people to give more.  We are part of a community of change-makers who want to make a difference to our world every day, be inspired and connected with like-minded people around us and have an impact just by living our busy lives.”
Sustainably is already working with a number of local and national charities and is set to start its beta test.
Chris Williams, fundraising and communication director for Children in Crisis, added: “At a time when fundraising is being publicly challenged about pressuring donors for support, Children in Crisis welcome this opportunity for our supporters to take control over their giving.”
Sustainably currently employs 16 and plans to hire a further six in the next 12 months.
One of its supporters has offered to match the amount raised via Indiegogo.
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