Hamburg’s new concert hall turns to Dalgety Bay-born video tech

Elbphilharmonie chooses Exterity and Perfect Media Solutions to stream live performances 

A Dalgety Bay firm’s state-of-the-art video system has been selected to provide a live digital experience to visitors to the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s new concert hall.

Exterity, which specialises in IP (Internet Protocol) video and digital signage technologies, will work with PMS Perfect Media Solutions GmbH (PMS) to help provide a world-class experience to music lovers visiting what is thought to be the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world.

The Elbphilharmonie opened in January 2017 and is home to a grand hall which seats more than 2,000 people. Exterity says the sheer size of the hall and the variety of the musical offerings – from classical and jazz to world music and electronic music – called for a system which would allow both audiences and employees to experience high quality productions and performances throughout the venue.

The Exterity IP video system at Elbphilharmonie is said to provide a unified way of managing the delivery of live stage performances and advertisements, CCTV camera streams, artitsts’ schedules, as well as 30 TV channels to more than 120 displays throughout the concert hall, backstage areas, ticketing counters and foyer.

Content can be tailored to different areas of the venue as required: advertising and ticketing information can be shown on displays during the intermission; visitors arriving after the start of the performance can watch and listen in the foyer while waiting to be seated; artists can view the daily schedule on screens backstage, as well as the live performance itself.

Stefan Pagenkemper, CEO at PMS, said: “Exterity was chosen because it offers one of the most reliable IPTV solutions on the market and the company’s open standards technology enables easy integration with other systems, including PerfectShow, PMS’s digital signage software.

“The unique challenge in this project was the set-up of dynamic rights management to allow operators to set viewing permissions for every user and display throughout the day. The combination of the Exterity IP video system and PerfectShow made this possible using an intuitive user interface for the daily routine with a content management backend.”

The resulting system provides stage managers with a highly intuitive and effective way to switch between channels to view live scenography camera feeds from backstage and office areas, enabling them to better manage the lighting, equipment, design and health and safety requirements during the live performance.

Colin Farquhar, CEO at Exterity, said: “Stage managers have a difficult role to play in the smooth running of live performances, and we are proud to be helping them use technology to manage all areas on performance day.

“Using our IP video solution, they can easily switch channels to ensure that artists are coming on stage at the right time, that there are no technical or design issues and that the security cameras work effectively and conform to health and safety legislation.

“We are very impressed that the Elbphilharmonie has become a world-class venue that caters to a wide range of performances, and we are proud that our technology – integrated with the solution from our partner PMS – is supporting this state-of-the-art venue.”

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