Edinburgh tech firm launches hospitality public Wi-Fi option

Software to provide businesses with raw data to help generate revenue and track new and repeat customers

An Edinburgh tech firm has officially announced the launch of its BlackBX product, which is said to enable hospitality businesses to install and run public Wi-Fi at minimal cost and effort.
Leith-based Captive Ltd says its new software also provides businesses with raw data to help generate revenue and helps to track new and repeat customers, identify peak visiting times and create customer mailing lists.
It claims BlackBX gives businesses the ability to create bespoke, targeted marketing and promotional opportunities, enabling them to engage better with customers.
It says that for businesses such as small independent cafes, bars, restaurants and shops, this technology could be a tool used to compete with larger businesses and multinationals.
One of BlackBX’s first customers is Swedish bar and restaurant group Boda, which has installed the tech into all five of its venues in the city.
Anna Christopherson of Boda Bars said: “It is essential for the hospitality industry to provide free public Wi-Fi for customers these days and customers expect it.
“BlackBX has definitely added value to our business. We have been able to use the data and analytics from the software to create automated marketing campaigns. Our mailing list grew ten fold in the first 5 months of using BlackBX. For an established business such as us, this has been a welcome boost. It has saved our marketing team so much time.”
According to Captive, BlackBX disrupts the status quo in public Wi-Fi provision by negating the use of installation engineers, annoying call centres, and expensive set-up fees by providing a service that is simple to use and cost effective even for small businesses.
It says BlackBX is a simple ‘Plug and Play’ box, providing secure Wi-Fi for as little as £25 per month and has been growing fast since its creation in 2015, with more than 800,000 users worldwide.
The founder of BlackBX is Patrick Clover, a 25 year-old self-taught software programmer who spotted a gap in the market for easily accessible and secure guest Wi-Fi in public places.
He originally thought of the idea as a teenager when his family lived on a boat and he found it hard to connect to the Internet while in port. With no previous experience of coding, Clover decided to teach himself the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil his vision.
He said: “It was always frustrating to find and login into public Wi-Fi when I was growing up and little has changed. Often public Wi-Fi is slow, offers a poor user experience and constantly asks you to log back in.  BlackBX is my solution to this problem.
In an ever connected world, we are reliant on access to the internet for so much and BlackBX delivers a reliable and secure way to provide public Wi-Fi.
“For businesses using BlackBX, the software can be incredibly beneficial and give you more insight into your customers enabling you to make better business decisions based on the data from BlackBX. I am delighted to be working with Boda and rolling out BlackBX across their venues.”
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Hannah Hamilton, who is a former Fife College student, is a reporter and assistant content editor for Scotland B2B, specialising in B2B news and features. She can be contacted via editorial@scotlandb2b-eastcoast.co.uk