Advice to employers with employees caught up in the Monarch “mess”

Employers encouraged to be compassionate amid travel chaos

With the British airline Monarch collapsing, many employers will have employees who are stranded and not able to get back to work. But it’s important to remember it’s not the passengers fault, so we would advise employers to be tolerant and supportive, as those stranded are likely to be extremely stressed and worried.
One stranded couple, for example, simply received a text confirming Monarch had gone out of business yet didn’t receive any details on their return flight. But, while they may not receive immediate updates they should keep you informed as soon as possible so you can plan and resource your business efficiently.
It’s also important to be aware that vulnerable passengers, unaccompanied minors and family groups are being prioritised for return flights, so if your employee does not fall within one of those categories their return may be delayed further.
Your employee may also have financial problems due to having to shell out for extra food or accommodation or even flights if their return date is after the 16 October, so why not ask if you could assist by giving a temporary loan? We would advise that the terms be confirmed and accepted via email i.e. how much and how it will be repaid for example via a monthly deduction or when their compensation comes through.
If you have employees who have had their holiday cancelled they could be allowed to rebook their holiday dates with you for a later date if possible. While this isn’t required by law it is a compassionate response to their current situation.
If you need further help or support on what actions you should take to be legally compliant, efficient and compassionate contact your local HR Dept.
The HR Dept gives its sincere condolences to the Monarch employees who have lost their jobs today.

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