Pickering’s Gin to quadruple turnover and headcount by 2018

Pickering’s Gin looks to quadruple both turnover and headcount as it produces 1,000,000 gin-filled baubles for Christmas

Pickering’s Gin has unveiled plans to quadruple its annual turnover – fuelled, in part, by an increase in the production of its gin-filled Christmas tree baubles.
The distillery sold out last year in 82 seconds – shifting 30,000 of the Christmas tree decorations as they became a must-have for 2016. This year, the Edinburgh-based firm has already quadrupled its staff as it anticipates record sales and exports in 2017.
Marcus Pickering and Matthew Gammell
Pickering’s is set to produce 33 times the volume of baubles, which retail at £30 for a pack of six 5cl measures, than in 2016 to meet global demand.
The distillery says it has invested heavily in its production capability by hiring an additional six full-time and 19 part-time staff, as well as bringing in a custom-designed machine to fill the baubles.
Matt Gammell, Co-Founder and Head Distiller, said: “Last Christmas we very quickly realised how popular our idea had become, and as a result we sold out well before we wanted to.
“We’ve been gearing up for Christmas 2017 since December last year, and have taken steps to ensure that we are as ready as we can be. We have invested heavily in staff and our technology here at Summerhall, which has enabled us to hit our target of producing one million baubles on site.”
Marcus Pickering, Co-Founder and Head of Export, added: “Our appeal as a gin-distillery has always been our authenticity. Everything we do happens right here in the heart of Edinburgh and despite this incredible commercial shift for us as a distillery, our production and staff remain here at Summerhall.
“We have already secured deals to stock our product across the UK this Christmas, and we are looking forward to a very busy last few months in the run up to the festive period.”


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