Rebrand for print industry trade body as it becomes Print Scotland

Scotland’s printing industry trade association has rebranded as Print Scotland to provide one voice and new benefits to members 

Graphic Enterprise Scotland, the trade association for the printing industry in Scotland, has rebranded as Print Scotland.
The trade body says it’s embarking on a new drive to recruit as many of Scotland’s printing businesses as possible into a refreshed, invigorated trade body.
Print Scotland plans to give a more powerful voice to the industry and will also offer members a series of business benefits which will improve their operations and save costs. The organisation was previously known as Graphic Enterprise Scotland and before that, the Scottish Printer Employers Federation (SPEF).
Kevin Creechan, President of Print Scotland, said: “Our new brand makes it very clear what we do. We are a body which is focussed on representing the print community in Scotland.
Kevin Creechin
“While the printing sector has undoubted challenges: the high level of capital investment required to stay competitive, digital media and a degree of over-capacity, we believe that the collective benefits we will be able to bring to Print Scotland members should swell our membership numbers and give us a stronger voice.
“These benefits include an exclusive, official courier agreement and the availability of close HR support to keep members compliant with all existing and forthcoming legislative matters as they impact on our industry.
“With further benefits lined up to members in respect of both finance and insurance cover, we believe our offering will also appeal to the many small and new-start businesses, particularly in the digital, packaging and wide-format printing disciplines which have emerged in recent years.
“We are also examining collective deals which not only benefit the member companies but all employees of those companies.”
Garry Richmond, Director, Print Scotland, added: “As a re-energised trade body we will also be looking closely at public sector procurement strategies to ensure that Scottish printers are not excluded unnecessarily from providing a service. Our message to them is that the capacity to provide excellent quality at sensible prices is on their doorsteps.
“Greater membership numbers gives us the capacity to sell consistently the values of the printed product to all members of the community throughout Scotland resulting in increased business opportunities for our members.”
Membership of Print Scotland is open to all businesses, directly or indirectly involved in the sector.
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